Channel 6 Late Night Saturday Double Shot Feature

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"It’s Saturday night and your favorite weekly TV show is on, “Channel 6 Late Night Saturday Double Shot Feature”! Your Local Channel 6 TV station is dedicated to bringing you the very best in the latest low budget horror, gangster, cult classics and all around exploitation films of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s! This week’s Double Shot Features are “Dead End Tale” and “You Owe Tark the Shark”!

First up is “Dead End Tale” from Joe-N-Joe Films, staring Dennis Jaybendy, Cheryl Koutsoudakis, Adam Braun, Alex Tocaciu and Warren D. Letchworth. “Dead End Tale” is a Twisted Jersey Tale version of the short story “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe. Follow the deranged South Jersey Piney Edgar after he decides to shoot out his wife Lenore’s, grotesque milky-white eye while she sleeps. But of course this kills her and now he has to get rid of the body. Join Edgar on this wild trip with a magical clown, a haunting ghost, a grumpy Romanian mechanic and one dead wife in the trunk of his car!

Second up is Channel 6’s Main Double Shot Feature “You Owe Tark the Shark” also from Joe-N-Joe Films. The misfortunate “You” is Junior (Guy Anthony Hutchinson) on the worst day of his life. “You Owe Tark the Shark” also stars Rick Mallon, Christian Smith, Jose Rosario, Adam Levy, Juan Cubillo, Ramsey Chong, Alain Savillo, Jamaal Green and Monae Linton Davis to round out a large cast of gangster characters that Junior and you will never forget as he and his friend Durpris scramble to make all their rounds to collect money owed to them so they can pay back Tark the “Loan” Shark! But on their way they get mixed up with another deadly figure, Mr. Pi, who is out to get the two masked men who robbed him of his money.

Also premiering tonight between our feature films are the world premieres of “Princess of the Vampires” and “I Want Him Dead” film trailers. These are Joe-N-Joe Films next films to hit theaters nation wide even though there are rumors that neither of these films will make completion due to onset conflicts between the two Directors Joshua B. Borden and Jamaal Green.

The “Channel 6 Late Night Saturday Double Shot Feature” is brought to you  tonight by the makers of 40’s Breakfast Cereal and  King Dong’s Salty Nuts Peanut Butter! But be  warned, Channel 6 is notorious for broadcasting problems and scandalous 1-800-555-SEXY commercials!"

Written by John Doe - TV Weekly



Cast (alphabetiical order): Anthony Baldino, April Borden, Joshua Birkhimer Borden, Tristan Borden, Adam Braun, Ramsey Chong, Melinda Cifelli, Juan Cubillo, Matt Daniels, Joseph Davis, Monae Linton Davis, Dave Dietrich, Jennifer Dietrich, John Fletcher, Kellen Gill, Jamaal Green, Jason Haydon, Jennifer Hoffman, Ryan Humbard, Guy Anthony Hutchinson, Dennis Jaybendy, Gary Jones, Cheryl Koutsoudakis, Warren D. Letchworth, Adam Levy, Rick Longstreet, Shannon Lucas, Marianne Mallon, Ryan Mallon, Rick Mallon, Jeff Mullan, Micheal Oeming, Jay Perrine, Ruth Perrine, Jose Rosario, Alain Savillo, Lori Shprecher, Christian Smith, Ildiko Timko, Alex Tocaciu, Zac R. A.

Cinematography by Joshua Birkhimer Borden, Jamaal Green and Malachi Matcho (alphabetiical order)

Make-up by Monae

Special Effects Make-up by Joshua Birkhimer Borden

Music by Jon F. Allen, Jennifer Dietrich, Nathan Hughes and Jaded Faith (Lead Vocals: Rick Longstreet) (alphabetiical order)

Sound Effects by Jon F. Allen, Joshua Birkhimer Borden and Jamaal Green (alphabetiical order)

Digital Effects Supervisor Rob Fowler

Edited by Joshua Birkhimer Borden and Jamaal Green (Equal Billing)

Executive Produced by Joshua Birkhimer Borden and Jamaal Green (Equal Billing)

Written and Directed By Joshua Birkhimer Borden and Jamaal Green (Equal Billing)


DVD Special Features:
• Director’s Commentary
• Too Late (Short Film)
• Flying Fists of Revenge - 2009 Director’s Cut (Short Film)
• Behind the Scenes and Blooper reel
• A Joe-N-Joe Films Slide Show
• And Stylized Menus

Single Layered Disc   
aspect ratio: 4:3  
Running Time: 1 hr. 12 min.
Color / Stereo

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